[08/06/2013][Lyon]Warmachine/Hordes 50pts/35pts

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[08/06/2013][Lyon]Warmachine/Hordes 50pts/35pts

Message par hudsonh » lun. 22 avr. 2013, 10h12


The French Open 2013 is the third edition of a Warmachine and Hordes tournament held in Lyon, France. This year the dates are the 8th and 9th of June. The tournament is organized by the RTS gaming club and the Battle-Group.com website. It follows the Steamroller 2013 rules with a few exceptions detailed in the present document. The event will challenge the skills of the players in every aspects of the game from list building to gaming to modelling to detailed knowledge of the rules and the setting, and reward the full hobbyist with painting and Iron Kingdoms trivia scores added to the tournament total.

The tournament consists of two parts, one 50 point 3-game day on Saturday, and one 35-point 3-game day on Sunday. Both days count towards the same tournament ranking, but each day separately follows the SR2013 Army List Variants Baseline, 3 Lists Required and Specialists. The time will be chess-clocked, including deployment.

Maximum attendance is 50 players. 10 seats will be reserved for international players.

In case of international attendance, the tournament official language will be English.

We at the organization team are extremely excited to hold this event for the third time and we hope to welcome as much French and European players as possible!